If you enjoy riding your motorbike/scooter and are looking for a group of fun women to ride with, then DOB Sydney is for you.

Interested in bikes, Mardi Gras or just want to expand your social network? Feel free to come along to one of our many events or send us an email. Our members range from 18 to 80 years old, and we welcome any sized bike from a sporty scooter to a massive trike. P or L plate, or don’t have a bike yet? We’d love to have you along. We even have rides during the year that are perfect for your comfort levels.

Dykes On Bikes membership gives you more than fun, laughs and good times. You will also gain membership discounts at selected stores and be able to ride with us in events like the Pink Ribbon Ride and Mardi Gras Parade.

Mardi Gras 2015 2

Courtesy of Lisa Chanell

Membership Types

Full Member – Full Members get all the glory! You need to have your motorcycle licence or learners permit and identify as female* and as a dyke. Full Members are entitled to ride on any of our rides and get voting rights at our AGM and General Meetings. You need to be a Full member to ride in Mardi Gras.

Associate Member – don’t have a licence or just want to be someone’s pillion? Don’t identify as female or dyke? Then Associate Membership is for you.

Interstate, Regional or Overseas member – You need to have your motorcycle licence or learners permit and identify as female* and as a dyke. You must also live more than 150 km from the Sydney CBD. No voting rights, but you’re more than welcome to become a full member if you’d like a say in how the Club runs.

Riding with Dykes on Bikes for the first time (or after a break)

If you’ve never been a Member of Dykes on Bikes Sydney before or you haven’t been a paid member for the last 2 years, you’ll need to contact our Membership officer first who will guide you through the current process (Full Members need to be nominated by two other members).

You can email our Membership officer at

Renewing for 2020

If you have any enquiries, you can contact our membership officer at the above email address. If you’re keen to ride in the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade with us, it’s always a good idea to check out the latest information and ride rules on our Mardi Gras info page here.

Click here to renew your membership.  Don’t forget you will need to include a copy of your licence.

Be a Ride Leader for the Mardi Gras Parade!

Being a Ride Leader during Mardi Gras is a special responsibility.

With a couple of hundred bikes in the Parade and riders of all abilities, it’s important to have trustworthy and responsible riders to lead each colour group and demonstrate what to do on the Parade route. New riders feel reassured when a responsible and experienced rider is present to answer their questions and provide help on the day.

Ride Leaders need to be able to commit to attending a special early briefing time and perform safety checks on their rider’s bikes. The Ride Leaders get a special patch at the Parade, different to the normal participant’s patch (and our undying gratitude).

Please click here if you would like to express an interest in becoming a ride leader.

Your Fees

Your membership fees go towards our insurance, Mardi Gras costs, supplies (flags, bags, sticky tape) and storage costs. We are a not-for-profit Incorporated Association.

Our Inclusion Statement

Sydney DOB is an inclusive organisation and you can read our inclusion statement here.

Our Constitution

You can read our DOB Constitution here.