The Dykes on Bikes xmas party was held last Saturday at the Hampshire Hotel.  A brief General Meeting was held and the committee let everyone know what they have been up to.  We also took quite a few registrations for the 2011 season.

Once the formalities were over the festivities began.  We had to find a new Santa this year because we keep breaking them however the girls were on their best behaviour and no bones were broken this time.  The elves, Elp and Azzard, were back handing out goodies and generally playing up.  There were plenty of presents and Santa only had to preside over one or two spankings.  Hopefully all xmas wishes were fulfilled – especially the one about finding a nice girl to take her home.

Suprisingly we didn’t drink the bar dry of anything – although they were getting low on Coke.  I’m not sure whether I’m proud of our self restraint or disgusted because we are obviously getting older and wiser.  We took down the tinsel and by 10.30pm all the good little DOBs had headed off to their beds (or someone elses).

Thanks for coming along.  May all your xmas parties you attend be filled with fun, friends and frolics.