OMG – there was sunshine.  It’s been years since we actually had a sunny B&T show.  Mind you when we arrived at the Hampy they stuill hadn’t finished the renovations so the stress levels were ridiculously high.

There were plenty of pretty bikes who entered the bike section of the show.  You can tell we are getting older as the cruiser section now far outnumber the sports bikes.  Big thanks to our judges, Kev, Perry & Terri who had the tough job of working out who the awards would go to.  Also big thanks to everyone who went out to score prizes for the different categories and to Nic & Gina for putting together the trophies.

The coin toss was again highly contested.  It looked as if it was won on more than one occassion only for some lucky sod to throw a coin that knocked th other one out and took the lead.  Kev finally won but it was his wife that looked the most excited about the prize.  He’s in the good books tonight.

The wet t-shirt competition is an integral part of the day and the girls certainly did not disappoint.  Everyone had their favourites and all the participants and spectators got into the mood.  It’s amazing how much fun you can get with nothing but a bucket of water, a white t-shirt and some girls with a great sense of fun.  Thank you to everyone who got the girls out for a good cause.

We had some lovley ladies entertaining us throught the afternoon.  Sam & Joanna are not only a pleasure to watch but they sound awsome as well.  That evening Cashmere Revolution took over the main stage and rocked the crowd.  In between times there were a few drag kings who shared their talents – thank you to Neddy Mercury and Sovryn Buckles.

Some of the tattoo categories had plenty of entrants and thank goodness Aaron and ?? were doing the judging.  Although everyone thinks that you just choose the prettiest tattoo there is a lot of other things to look at including the history and significance of the tattoo.  Not everyone agreed with the judges choices straight off but you couldn’t argue with their reasoning

The MC duties were shared between Lynnie/Rusty Gates and Coops.  Coops also took over DJ duty out the back later and had everyone dancing until the closed the beer garden.  Another Bike & Tattoo show done and dusted.  Now we just have Mardi Gras to look forward to.