Have you ever spent a weekend away with a group of wild and wonderful women out in the middle of nowhere but still had all the comforts of home?  So that means you’ve been to a Bamarang weekend away with Dykes On Bikes.  This weekend was no different except we got to have four whole days to play in the sun. 

There was plenty of good food.  Lisa C is now permanently on Lasagne duties after the last two attempts – we’re going to kidnap her and force her to cook for us if she ever thinks of dropping out.  BBQ duties were handled brilliantly by a range of helpful bodies.  I did notice that Coops was spending far too much time with tongs in one hand and a drink in the other – even at breakfast.

The weather may not have been as hot as previous summers but there was still plenty of activity down at the beach.  Bless the 4-wheel drivers who bring groups down with supplies.  Mind you it does help to hold on or you can end up breaking something if you fall off the back.  Neddy Bar & Grill was set back up in the shallows so we could all drink, socialise and paddle all at the same time.  A group of girls had kindly brought along a range of floaties that kept the rest of us amused for hours.  Fish found that not only do they keep you afloat you can also use them to transport your drinks.

Nic had us going all over the place on the scavenger hunt – Nowra saw an influx of DOB trying to grab bit and pieces from everywhere.  My favourite is always the arts and craft section and we saw some awesome headgear created from nothing but imagaination and things found on the side of the road.

There were plenty of late night naughty moments and those of us who saw the photos knew not to go near the fruit bowl after Bumhole Bernie had knocked back a few.  A number of girls also found out the dangers of falling asleep in the main lounge when the rest of us were still drinking.  There were some great photos KJ.  We even had the occassional science experiment.  Pop rocks and beer are not neccessarily a good mix

There was sport being played on both fields during the day time.  I’m not sure that the cardio workout was that high but we did try at least.  To top it off there was even a ridiculously large jigsaw that Paula finally completed by the end of the weekend

All in all it was a great time.  Where were you?