What more could a girl ask for than a few days getting away from it all with a great bunch of girls?  This is what DOB’s and Bamarang is all about.

A group of girls headed down on Friday afternoon and started getting the place ready for everyone.  Lisa played chef on Friday night and we ended up with three versions of lasagne – meat (with and without garlic) or vegetarian and salad for our mains and a simply scrumptious apple crumble for desert.

Friday night was spent laughing and drinking and catching up.  A group of girls even decided to wait up until full tide at 2am to head down to the river to fish.  No luck unfortunately but then again what would they have done with anything at 4am in the morning.

Saturday saw some of us up bright and early but there were a few people who’d had big nights and decided to catch up with a few more zzzz’s.  Strangely enough the fishermen from last night seemed to be bright eyed and bushy tailed and were down the river again but this time for a quick dip.  It wasn’t long before most of the crew were down at the river bank enjoying the cooling waters.  As is the way with Summer Bamas the days tend to be spent at the River with occassional trips back to the main house to organise food and bring down more supplies (drinks).

Saturday night is the traditional BBQ and Nic tried to keep herself going to cook it but beers and sunshine can sometimes cause sleepiness so Coops and Fish took over and let her go night-night.  The party continued after dinner with sing-alongs and some great stories.  We were also lucky enough to have a visit by our royal patron HRH Princess RALPH.  Some members hadn’t met her Highness before and were a little shocked.  I’m not too sure what scared them more – the fact she existed or the way they reacted to her.

Sunday morning and the typical Bama Breaky was on before people had to start thinking about heading home.  A few even headed back down to the river for a final dip.  The venue was tidied and we all headed back to our own lives again.  But never fear – Winter Bamas is just around the corner.