Shops are already playing carols and workplaces are already covered with tinsel — it must be that time of year again.

Every December DOB Sydney gets into the Christmas spirit by participating in the Toy Run. This is organised by Bikers Australia and we collect toys and gifts for needy families around Sydney. This will be the 31st year so it’s been going for nearly as long as Mardi Gras.

It’s a lot of fun getting yourself and your bike all decked out in holiday attire and travelling with hundreds of other bikes on a tour of the western suburbs. Just imagine all those big scary bikers dressed as Santa or elves.
This is just one of the charity events that Dykes on Bikes participates in each year as part of the motorcycling community.

We would love other motorcycling members of our LGBTQI community to join us. If you are interested please email me at

Then we have our DOB Xmas party. The party will be at the Hampshire Hotel on Saturday, December 17. There will be a general meeting beforehand at 5pm for all members to vote on our new constitution. It would be appreciated if as many girls as possible will attend.

The actual party will start at 7pm and this year we have not only Santa but Mrs Claus to help out with the presents. The elves (Elf Azard and Elf Conscious) will also be around the guarantee mayhem. There will be DOB merchandise available so you can find the perfect gift to give to any girl or boy.

Children are welcome to attend as the event is held in the beer garden at the back of the hotel. As a matter of fact, everyone in our community is welcome to attend. Come along and start your Xmas with a big helping of DOB.

We also have a great Xmas present to announce. DOB in conjunction with Club Five Dock will run a scholarship to assist a young dyke in getting her motorbike licence.

There are a lot of costs involved in getting your licence so we have come up with a plan to get at least one new rider safely on the road. There are some conditions — you must be under 30 and you must be willing to participate and help out at club events throughout the year. For more information contact us or come visit us at our Xmas party.

Until I see you next, ride safe and sexy.

Posted in Sydney Star Observer 07/12/11