Who said that the nation’s capital was a boring place.  All you need is the right people and anywhere is a blast.

We left St Peters fairly early on Saturday.  Linda had come up from Wagga for the ride and we even had Phyllis and Lou down from Newcastle.  Suprisingly the weather was rather pleasant and se headed down the M5.  We turned off and headed down via Mittagong to Bundanoon where we where meeting Bel from Wollongong and Vicki who had ridden back up from Canberra to take us on her favoutire way back in.  And what a great way to go there.  Some beautiful curving round with nary a car in sight.  We stopped off at Bungendore for lunch and to check out the leather shop.  The food was delicious and we escaped the shop without Coops buying the Kangaroo scrotum purse.

We lost Phyllis, Lou and Sue after Bungendore but the rest of us headed up to the Mt Ainslie lookout.  This is where the planking began.  I know who to blame  – Bel – but it wasn’t long before Coops was planking everything in sight.  If a bunch of lesbains plank on top of each other does that make it MDF or just a block of flaps?

Down the mountain and into Tilleys for a quick drink.  Boy the place has changed since I last saw it.  Off to our accommodation and time for a shower and a short rest – we’re all getting old – before we met up again at the Old Canberra Inn.  This is a cute dive.  It looks like a log cabin with corrugated metal extensions.  The food was simple but tasty and we took over the back bar.  That was until the boys arrived with a couple of girls in tow.  All was good and we had pool challenges and planking escapades.  As always the more alcohol that was drunk made us funnier and the boys more aggressive.  Time to go girls.  Some went off to the Cube (gay nightclub) and the rest of the oldies went home to bed.

Up early the next morning to go to the Bus Depot Markets.  This was really nice and we got to catch up with the Vixens and some of girls we had met last night.  Unfortunately the weather was starting to look like it was going to turn so we decided it was time to get home as quickly as possible.  We said farewell to Linda and wished her a safe trip back to Wagga (once she was back under .00 from last night’s partying) and headed towards the Hume Hwy.

God the Hume is a boring ride.  Fortunately the weather didn’t get as bad as it looked so Bel took us the long way and we headed to Roberton’s pie shop for a snack and then down Macquarie Pass.  Now that is more like it.  I wanted to go back up to the top again but we really had to head on home.  Bel went back to her place and we came up Mt Ousely and home.

It was a really great weekend and we met some lovely people.  This is what a DOB weekend is all about.  Some great riding and even better company.  Thanks to Jenny for taking the trip while Nic was liad up and big thanks to Vicki for showing us around in Canberra.