Dyke on Bikes want to help a young Dyke or Lesbian to get her Motorcycle Licence.  To that end we have approached Club Five Dock RSL to assist us with funds for a motorcycling scholarship.

The terms and conditions are: You must be under 30years old when applying for the scholarship and must identify as female and as a Lesbian or Dyke.  You will need to become a member of Dykes on Bikes and be willing to assist at various functions and events throughout the year.  The winner of the scholarship will promote the club on the website and possible in the gay media and will work with the Media Officer to write articles on their progress.

The club will assist the scholarship winner with the costs of the stay upright course, the RTA learner’s permit, a futher pre-P riding course and the final licence test.   The winner will pay for the cost of the tests up front and will be re-imbursed by the club on receiving a pass.   Notifications must be made to the Club Treasurer at least 2 weeks prior to the assessments being booked.  payment will be made by the club within one week of passing the assessment.

We will also assist wherever possible with personal protection equipment and helping to find a suitable vehicle.  The winner will also receive the assistance of experienced riders to help them along their way.

On completetion of their P’s and gaining an open R licence the member will be presented with a gaft and DOB patch at the closest DOB member’s meeting or event to recognisde their time and effort into gaining their licence.

Applicants will need to write to the Club Secretary with their name, details and date of birth.  They will need to state their current financial status and the reason why they should receive the scholarship.  Applications will be accepted from 1st January ro 1st March 2012.  The committee will review all applications and a shortlist of 3 will be asked to attend an interview with 3 committee members.  The winner of the scholarship will then be announced on the website and in the gay press.

The scholarship winner will need to abide by all DOB by-laws and RTA road rules.  Having a justified traffic infringment notice issued will void the scholarship.