Although the rain was coming down hard when we woke up it had tapered off to the occasional drizzle by the time the committee arrived at Moore Park to get ready for everyone to arrive.  A well oiled machine swung into action with KD, Gail and Lyn getting names and Nat ticking everyone off.  The ride leaders had everything well in hand directing bikes, taping gels and generally keeping everyone organised.  There were some fantastic outfits, some funny, some sexy and some truly out of this world.

We have some great photos of each group which are all up in the gallery.  There are also some fantastic shots before and during the parade thanks to Helen and Lisa.  The ride down the parade route went well with a lot of girls saying it was one of the best in many years.  Apparently the police bikes as the turning circle looked great and worked well.

We had a couple of issues with bikes but only two ended up on the utes with Jay & the boys.  As always a big thank you to Jay and SMW for helping anyone who needed it.  Although after travelling on the back of the ute and watching the boys I think they believe the parade is all about them.

The after party was fantastic with DJ Kelly Chrome (aka Melinda Kelly) rocking the decks until the wee hours of the morning.  Our entertainers, Sparky Malone and Coco, had the girls in a frenzy.  Thanks to all the girls who participated on the night.