We had a later than usual start to the day but it still meant the volunteers and committee were all on site by 8.30am.  The stall allocated by Mardi Gras was looking forlorn but it wasn’t long before we had it all dolled up.  The bikes were lined up in a row looking good,  We had three marquees of our own to put together as well.

The merchandise was displayed beautifully with the tea towels flapping proudly in the breeze.  Linda gave all of our bikes a quick polish ad spent special time on Nic’s bike that was being used for the photo shoot.  Plenty of old friends and new filled out their forms, chatted and picked their colours for the Mardi Gras Parade.

The weather was fantastic all day with a breeze coming through helping to keep it a little bit cooler.  At around 5pm we started packing up and at 6pm we were throwing boxes over the back fence to load up the vehicles.  By 6.30 the site looked as empty as it had when we got in there at 8am.  It was a long day but a good one.  Thanks to everyone who helped out or just came by to say hi.