Everyone knows that Dykes on Bikes are the curtain-raisers for the Mardi Gras parade, however, it became apparent that some people think this is all we do.

Although Mardi Gras is obviously the highlight of our year, as it is for most of our community, we do lots more.

We have been running our bike and tattoo show for years. This is an open community event that brings together two of my favourite things — motorcycles and flashing some flesh. This year it is being held at the Hampshire Hotel in Camperdown on Saturday, March 19.

We also have our Black & White Ball every year around September. Again this is open to the queer community at large and gives people a chance to get dressed up and have a great night out.

These are the two largest events but we also organise other fundraisers, day and night rides and even weekends away.

Each year the club members nominate the charities we will support for the upcoming year. The Gay and Lesbian Counselling Service and Camp Goodtime have been our chosen recipients last year and this year.

However, what I found more frightening was that some people believed all Dykes on Bikes were big scary butches who only rode huge cruisers or super sports bikes.  Yes, some of us are big and some of us are butch and some of us ride big bikes.  However ,some of us ride scooters and some of us are very girlie and there are lots of us between the two extremes.

So put away your misconceptions and come meet some real DOBs at Fair Day or one of our Meet & Greets at the Hampshire Hotel from 7pm on Wednesday, February 23 and Friday, March 4.

Oh, by the way, if you’re looking for me in the parade — I’m 5ft, ride a Honda 250cc and love wearing corsets.