Information: This is probably the most infamous of our weekends away. There are 3 gorgeous cabins set in the bushland and it is a short wander down to the river. We normally book the cabins from Friday night through to Sunday and supply breakfast, dinner, some drinks and snacks—you need to bring your own alcohol. Because we need to put money down upfront we do ask for a $50 deposit which will be refunded if the weekend needs to be cancelled. The total cost can vary depending on the numbers so the more people you bring the cheaper it will be but it’s normally around $50 per night. We do need to fill up the cabins before we do campsites but talk to a committee member if you really prefer sleeping outdoors. This is a time for us to all relax so please don’t bring the kids as we don’t want to offend. Also leave the pets at home for this one. Ask anyone who has been to a Bamas weekend and you’ll know this is one you really should attend.
Please Bring: money, sunblock, swimmers (?), your choice of poison and a sense of humour
Wet Weather Alternative: This is too much fun to miss even if it is raining.